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Hi All

At the moment I am currently changing the front entrance area into my very 70’s styled farm house.  Its terrible!  It’s also, however, a work in progress, and I will write about it when finished.  However,  the front door also needs a revamp, and I’ve been trawling the net to get inspiration for the door.

Here is a pic of my front door as it is now….

Oh, just look at all that facebrick!

Gasp, Shock, Horror.. I know terrible!

This is how I want it to look.  My favorite so far….

LOVE the colour with the white trimming

Equally as beautiful, but unfortunately won't work with my front door

Oh and then I just found the most wonderful and magical doors, for if I ever own a castle… (just in case)

I know, its for a garden, but just looks so.... fairy-tail-ish!

The Secret Garden...

Love the colour

And of course, the door must have a handle... Magic!

So there you have it, lovelies, my idea of a great door!

Well best be off, there is plenty of sanding and painting to do… and of course money to be made to get that castle!

Be Beautiful x