Hey there Lovelies

I hope and pray you all had an excellent start to this new year.  I am so excited about it.  2011 wasn’t the most satisfying year for me.  However, I initiated lots of new beginnings, which I’m hoping will start bearing fruits in 2012!!

The last African sunset of 2011

This will mean more time to travel and do what I want to do, not what my wonderful farm demands me to do!  The only thing that is still getting to me is I cannot find a filofax to purchase anywhere.  Since I’ve been 17 I’ve really really wanted a filofax.  My trainer, Madelaine, had one and I loved how it was almost a ritual for her to write in it; little things that had happened during her day, conversations, shopping lists, ideas, thoughts, quotes…  This, for an avid list maker like myself, is just bliss!  And every year, instead of having to get a new diary and restart everything, she just replaced the daily pages, but everything else stayed put…  Now, Dion keeps telling me to get a phone with an organiser on it, but he misses the point, its not just the organising, its the writing!  I love writing; be it letters, lists, cards, schedules… I just thoroughly enjoy it, so this year my mission is to get a filofax!  A brown leather one… I can see it in my head…

Oh, This is my favorite.... A girl can dream eh?!

And it will help improve my blog...

So enough of my dreaming… The filofax is proving to be almost impossible to source here in South Africa.  Everyone here is a techo / gadget lover and I think just plain old pen and paper is not enough for them… But the search continues… I will keep you posted.

Now, on to my challenge for today.  It was from a low angle.  Once again the farm provided the inspiration for my photo.

This was on manual mode! Very proud of myself!

I then tried to set the focus on different areas of the picture... With varied success!

I was happy with how the pictures turned out, especially as it was on manual mode; meaning I had to set the focus and light myself…  This challenge is turning out to be lots of fun!

Be Beautiful X

(All filofax pictures are courtesy of Pinterest)