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Hey there lovelies

This was a toughie… So much to choose from!

But I thought to myself, ‘what really irritates me?’ and well Facebook is it!  Actually its not really Facebook, just how some people use it.

Facebook in itself is a great idea, especially as I live so far from my family and most of my friends, I can look at what’s going on at home and see photos of everyone etc.  However, so people, particularly teenage girls and middle aged women, use it as a diary.  Every thought and emotion that passes through their silly heads, they seem compelled to tell the world, in some misguided need to feel popular and relevant!  Come on peoples…  Life is for living, not for obsessing about what strangers think of you!  Plus, who in all honesty has really got 450 friends?  Seriously!

What also annoys me about it is people will sit with their REAL friends and family and instead of interacting with the people present, they would rather stare into their phones and update the people, who really couldn’t care less, on what a good time they are having.  The reality of it is everyone else present and in the room is having the good time, the person absorbed with Facebook on their phone, is not!  Oooooogh, it irritates me so much!

So, enough ranting for one day!  Sorry about that!

Be Beautiful X