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Hey there Lovelies

So this is something… Two in a row!  Feeling quite chuffed with myself.  Do you know that as I wrote that, I had to think in my head if it was quiet or quite.  Do you know that up until two years ago I never knew there was a difference!

I’m wandering… So this was an easy choice really, since I live in South Africa, 12,000 miles from my family in Ireland, Dion is the obvious choice for the photo.  Thankfully he is very obliging and we went for a walk earlier and I took these photographs.


Exhausted after all that clicking of the heels!

He actually hates having his photo taken, so big thanks to him for being such a wiling subject, running up the road and clicking his heels!  Lots of fun!

Coolagh, doing his best Dumbo impression!

Happy, doing what she does best... nothing!

Also took of Happy and Coolagh, I love them too, so….

Be Beautiful X