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Hey there Lovelies

This is a tough one, yet again!  Because I live the other end of the planet from where all my childhood memories were made and allowing for the lack of bogs, canals, beaches, He-Man and She-Ra and everyone I spent my childhood with I have improvised!

Here are some photos of my childhood… I took the photos with my phone so they are not great quality, but it was a fun exercise looking at them anyways!

My Mammy and Daddy! Isn't my Mam beautiful!

A family holiday in Spain

Daddy and me, after the Kenny Rogers concert! I still LOVE Kenny Rogers!

A day at Dublin Zoo. I think this was the day the video camera was dropped!

With cousins in the paddling pool in the back garden! Fun times!

With my cousin Shelly at my uncles wedding in the west of Ireland. My headband matched my dress, I thought it was the trendiest dress ever!

My sister, in her bath! Seriously, this was one of her favorite places to be!

With my sisters. I love the cardboard house behind us, and the curtains over the sofa, obviously making a castle of some sorts at the window! Fun Fun Fun!

Trabolgin with Daddy and Emma-Jane

In Daddy's boat with my cousin Thomas! We were too peas in a pod!

Ah, Saturday evenings, all of us in the bath together! Bubble Factory!!!!!

My First Holy Communion and Emma-Jane and myself playing the piano!

Flowergirl at my Aunt's wedding. With my cousins Thomas and Shelly.

On the beach at Old Bawn, in Cahore, Wexford. Brilliant!

In Donadea, with Nanna, Peggy and Emma-Jane

Emma-Jane with her swimming cap and caterpillar! Crazy child!

Being an Angel in the school's nativity play

With Mammy and Emma-Jane in the back yard. I can remember this photo being taken, Mammy's dress was lovely

Looking at the boats in Roberstown with Daddy

I enjoyed myself so much today looking at the photos and remembering little things in my head.  The only down side is my family are so far away to share them with, but it has made me more determined than ever to move closer to them again… Plans plans plans!  Exciting stuff.

Be Beautiful X

Most of the photos have only one of my sisters, Emma-Jane in, but I am very lucky in that I have another sister and also a little brother.  Its just that I was older when they came along and the theme is ‘Childhood Memory’!  Sorry Sarah and Padraig, I’ll include you elsewhere X