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Hey there Lovelies I turned 30 the week before Christmas (when did I become so old!) and to mark this important occasion I wanted gifts that have meaning and that I can pass on to my children some day… One of my current obsessions is tea sets and dinner sets, so for days before my birthday I spent some time sifting through the local antique stores.  My nights were spent googling the different makes that were offered there, I didn’t want something that is worthless!

Colclough 'Carnation'

My stunning dinner and tea set!

Eventually it was narrowed down to two sets, a dinner set by ‘Barretts of England’ and a tea set by ‘Colclough’.  Oh and they are beautiful!  When I got them home I felt so happy!  Crazy, but there it is! Aren’t they beautiful!  Now I just have to get Dion to make me that country dresser he promised….!

The sauce boat

Be Beauitful X