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Hey there lovelies

Today marks the half way mark in the 30 day challenge!

I must say, so far the challenge has really opened my eyes to photography and all the complexities of it.  I have to admit, before I was a point and shoot girl!  Now I look at how I can improve the picture before I shoot… Progress, lovelies, progress!

Sun Setting over the mountain

I have a wee confession regarding todays post, I am actually cheating a bit…. I took these photos a few days ago, 31 Jan, to be exact!  Its just been raining so hard since tuesday, I haven’t been able to get another photo.  But they’re lovely, so I decided to use them!

I hope you enjoyed the photos, if you look very closely you can just make out the horses in the fields below the mountains, in the foreground.  Also some of my dogs.

Be Beautiful X