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Hey there lovelies

For this one I had to use an old acacia tree branch and some fairy lights!  Living on a farm means that outdoor lights at night are a tad difficult to find, and therefore snap!

I used plain fairy white lights and then I added coloured fairy lights…

Plain white fairy lights. The shutter was opened for 8 seconds

I love the star shapes the lights make!  They are just standard round lights…..

Then I put on the coloured lights, and left the shutter opened while I was busy…

Yes, Yes, that's little old me, the Invisible Woman!

This was with both sets of lights on

Just the coloured lights


I’m glad the old acacia tree can be of some use.  We have contracted out the clearing of invader trees from the river area of the farm, and I gave specific instructions that no indigenous trees be felled.  However apparently this poor individual was in the way and had to be sacrificed…

I have decided that I will give him a make over and he can become a permanent feature in my dining room.

Be Beautiful X