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Hey there Lovelies

So here is my first week of the photo a day challenge.

All photos are taken with my iPhone, so excuse the quality!

Day 1 - You're view today

Ah yes, the rain, from my office door!

Day 2 - Words

Product of Honduras, apparently!

Day 3 - Hands

My ‘first born’, Meekah’s is on top!

Day 4 - A Stranger

A new horse at the stables, who I later found out is named Sky.  I LOVE his eyes!

Day 5 - 10am

Just in from the stables, a cup of tea and a quick check of the diary as to what the day holds…  I love lists and planning, I love this time of the day!

Day 6 - Dinner

Meekah’s, not mine… I forgot to take a photo of mine!

Day 7 - Button

Well, this is probably the one I press most

I have one small problem doing this challenge, I can’t upload my photos every day. The phone signal here on the farm is not good enough, so I have to wait until I go into town and then put the back log on!

Be Beautiful X