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Hey there Lovelies

Wow, what happened there…!  Life, folks, Life!  Its been a touch busy here the past week, hence the lack of posts and pics, sorry about that.  Am back on track as of today.

Day 8 - Sun

We spent the weekend in Bathurst and Grahamstown for a horse show.  This photo was snapped on my friends farm, as the sun was going down… I got horribly sun burnt 😦


Day 9 - Front Door

Day 10 - Self Portrait

Oh, I’m a bit of a shy one, so this will have to do!

Day 11 - Makes Me Happy

He will most likely be upset if he knows I put this here, but he doesn’t read the blog, so…..  Thanks for smiling!

Day 12 - Inside my Closet


Day 13 - Blue

This is a mohair blanket I purchased about 8 years ago now in the Karoo.  I LOVE it, so I thought I would use it in my photo.

Day 14 - Heart

I Just adore the LOVE IS… Cartoons!  They are so sweet and also so true!

Anyways, the week that was!

Be Beautiful X