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Hey there Lovelies

So another week has come and gone!  Time is flying…

Day 14 - Heart (2)

Now, I know I ended the last week with Day 14 – Heart, but I thought a photo of something I didn’t do wasn’t really great, so I tried, and tried again…

Day 14 - Heart (3!)

I actually have quite a few heart shaped stones, which I’ve collected over the years, so… Inspiration struck!

Day 15 - Phone

For Day 16, the subject was something new… And since I haven’t purchased anything, I looked closer to home.  The orchid on my desk just made a new leaf!

Day 16 - Something New

Day 17 - Time (or the passing of it, represented by the grey hair!)

Day 18 - Drink

Ohhhh, Chateau Libertas red wine… An oldie, but a goodie!

Day 19 - Something I hate to do

Injecting and medicating the horses.  I HATE it!  But one of them is presently trying to overcome an ear infection, so its injections and also, hiding tablets in the carrots!

Day 20 - Handwriting

Seeing as a filofax is still firmly still on the wish list, I have reverted back to my trusty diary.  My handwriting is not the neatest there is, but its mine!

Day 21 - A fave photo of me

This photo reminds me of when my beautiful niece came to visit me in South Africa.  This was taken overlooking the Knysna Heads.  A fantastic few weeks, brings back great memories.  And she’s just so gorgeous!

So, there we go, another week.

Be Beautiful X