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Hey there Lovelies

So week 4 is over!  Can you believe it… Time is just flying by!

Here are my offerings for the week

Day 22 - Where I work

I work on my farm in South Africa, mostly teaching children how to ride but as with all farms, there is always a million other things needing to be seen to, so…

Another Day 22 - Where I Work... Humour Me!

This is a photo of the river on my farm “Where I Work”!

Day 23 - My Shoes

Or whats left of them!  My silly dogs took them from the kitchen when the door was open!  Brats!

Day 24 - Bathroom Cabinet

The cabinet in the bathroom is actually too dark to get a photo of, so I made do with the shelf close to the bath

Day 25 - Green (I love this lamp!)

Day 26 - Night (or in this case, Knight)

I couldn’t get a nice shot of the night, so I used one I took earlier in the day of Knight, one of my ponies!  Handsome man

Day 27 - Something I Ate

Oh, and it was a good pineapple!

Day 28 - Money

This is a photo of my receipt books and that, my Lovelies, means Money!!!

Be Beautiful X