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Hey there Lovelies

Day 8 - Window

Was going for the whole window of opportunity regarding my farm….

Day 9 - Red

My wonderful red mug… Supersized!  I love huge mugs of tea while catching up on office work…  This mug is fantastic in Winter as the tea stays warm for a long time in it, however now, in Summer, its not so great… Tea tends to burn my mouth!

Day 10 - Loud

This is a mini bus taxi… a truly African experience. This photo seems to have captured it perfectly, the photo just looks loud… The taxi’s are just loud…  Duff, Duff, Duff, Duff…

Day 11 - Someone I talked to today

Talked is actually not the correct term here… I talk, he grunts!  Seriously!  He cannot speak English and my Afrikaans is a work in progress.  He works with the horses in the leased stables, so when I am working my horses, its generally with Pete.  This particular horses name is Captain Morgan and he is an American Saddler.

Day 12 - Fork

Day 13 - A Sign

Always a good one…

Day 14 - Clouds

These and lots more random photos are on instagram.  You can follow me there @simplybellesa

Be Beautiful X