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Hey there Lovelies

So in the spirit of catching up… Lets carry on!

Day 1 - My Reflection

Day 2 - Colour

Day 3 - Mail

My wonderful Nanna sent me an Easter card from Ireland.  I miss them all terribly and I LOVE getting cards and letters in the post from home.

Day 4 - Someone who makes me happy

Day 5 was “Tiny” and I did take a photo, ironically enough on that day, the really tiny screw fell out of my glasses…  Thankfully I found it before it was lost!  However, I can’t get the photo off my phone right now, sorry!

Day 6 - Lunch

It was a really wet miserable day, so Dion made a yummy chicken curry!  Isn’t he great!

Day 7 - Shadow

This is Vega, one of my dogs… How I know for certain it’s Vega, is that on of her ears doesn’t stand up!  We often wonder if she is half hyena…  Think Lion King!  But we love her x

Be Beautiful x