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Hey there Lovelies

Hope you are all well…

Here are my offerings for week 2

Day 8 - Inside my wallet

Not so exciting, but you have to agree, the money here in South Africa is prettier than most, with its big 5 depictions.  Also, there would have to inevitably be a picture of Nelson.  He is fantastic!

Day 9 - Younger Me

Ah yes…

Day 10 - Cold

This is H, my friend and business partner.  The scarf is ironic, considering the bare shoulder

Day 11 - Where I ate Breakfast

Sorry, I read wrong, I thought it was just breakfast, not where I ate it, but this was taken at the store

Day 12 - Stairs

I’m pretty sure this is the closest to a stairs I will come across on the farm

Day 13 - Something I found

This belongs to Dusky Blue, who I write about in my other blog.  Dusky Blue is ALWAYS losing her pesky shoe!

Day 14 - How I feel Today

This photo is from 100 years ago… Okay maybe not exactly 100, closer to 16 years ago.  I rode this morning, and I jumped, felt brilliant, and this is the picture I am using to describe how it felt today!  Absolutely fantastic!

Be Beautiful x