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Hey there Lovelies

So week 3 was an interesting one.. Winter has hit us here in South Africa with a bang!  Hauled out the scarves and hats, wonderful!

Day 16 - Flower

Ah, so who spotted that we only started on Day 16?!  I completely forgot to snap the sunset last night, so there is no Day 15

Day 17 - Something I don't like

I have never had a cup of coffee, or anything coffee related…

Day 18 - Hair

This is one of my ponies, Kerry.  She has a wonderful dark grey mane on light grey coat… Beautiful

Day 19 - Orange

A wheelbarrow wheel at the store

Day 20 - Something I drew

I am busy trying to organize the categories for the store, for our new website… Truly a case of easier said than done

Day 21 - Bottle

So there you have it

Be Beautiful x